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Accomodation & maps


Various hotels and bed & breakfast guest houses (B&Bs) have been selected for accommodation purposes. These are listed below. The conference organisers will not be doing any reservations and delegates are expected to make their own arrangements.

The telephone area codes shown are for dialling from within South Africa. International callers should dial +27-31 followed by the number.

Note that prices are as at November 2004 and that delegates should make further enquiries when making their reservations.


The selected hotels, with the exception of the Formule 1 Hotel, are all within 10 to 20 minutes walking distance from the Convention Centre. Delegates may also make use of the daily shuttle service provided. (note that no shuttle service will be provided for the City Lodge, as it is only one block from the Convention Centre).

List of hotels


The selected B&Bs, as well as the Formule 1 Hotel, while relatively close to the Convention Centre, are not within walking distance. Delegates are encouraged to make use of the shuttle service provided.

List of B&Bs


You can download the following maps: